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NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: New 4 player game: Shotgun
Written by JTR

ZeHa has released a little game with support for our 4 Player Interface.
The game mechanics appear to be simple, but they are really fun!

Grab the game here:

The Forum64 Game Competition – now with Protovision
Written by JTR

The Forum64 Game Competition that has brought us a couple of really good adventure games last year is now officially a cooperation project from Forum64 and Protovsion!

New is:

  • The winner gets his own game in a professionally printed box from Protovision (and most probably also an offer for a distro of the game)
  • Protovision offers help to the competitors in case they ask for general support or need a musician/graphician for their project
  • All who hand in a game receive a 5 Euros voucher for Protovision downloads
  • In the future, signing up to the compo will also be possible through the Protovsion homepage, i.e. a Forum64 account is not required anymore

Of course, all participants are still encouraged to release intermediates and also the final compo version of their game as freeware!

NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Wifi module for the C64
Written by JTR

Wireless internet is now possible also on the C64. Leif Bloomquist’s Commodore Wifi Modem emulates a C64 modem and is therefore compatible to the Wave and older modem software. It is not compatible to programs that expect an RR-Net. The module plugs into the user port.

Grab at:


Scene news: Jam It released
Written by JTR

A new and fine game for the Protovision 4 Player Interface was released recently: Jam It is a basketball simulation game in the style of epic sports games. The game features a clever basketball steering and stunning CPU players that you can compete against if you do not have 4 real players at hand.

Our musician Joachim „Yogibear“ Wijnhoven together with Roland Hermans has created the loader tune for Jam It!

Grab your copy of Jam It from here:


Scene news: Reset Magazine #6 released with Blocks&Monsters download
Written by Poison

The new issue of Reset Magazine, the free of charge magazine, offers again a bunch of interesting articles around the C64 and games.

As an example, there is an in-depth look behind the scenes of Donkey Kong Junior and Robert Caporetto takes a look at the 2014 edition of the RGCD 16kb cartridge game competition.

Once you’re through with reading the magazine, go to your C64 and grab the Reset magazine’s „Mix-i-disk„, because J&F Publishing and Protovision have released Blocks&Monsters now as freeware!

Blocks is a typical puzzle game in the style of Joshua (a little similar to Sokoban) with great design and a brilliant soundtrack and monsters is a nice pac man clone.

The download is all free and for now available only and exclusively through the Reset Magazine homepage. Have fun! 😉

Reset Magazine Issue 6

Scene news: Protovision supports Back in Time Live 2015 as corporate sponsor
Written by Poison

Back in Time Live Brighton 2015

Following the success of the kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, a real Commodore C64 oriented live concert will be held on June 20, 2015. At this time the city of Brighton will turn into a mekka for all audiophile C64 friends.

Prior to the concert itself you might come to meet a few musical C64 legends like Ben Daglish, Chris Hülsbeck or Matt Gray in one of the surrounding pubs for a cold beer. 🙂

And yes, there are still tickets available at

Scene news: Honey Bee – Enhanced Version – progress update by TND
Written by Poison

After the 16KB cartridge version of Honey Bee Redux was released (ranked #15 at RGCD Cartridge Competition 2014), Richard/TND is now working on a enhanced version of Honey Bee. This enhanced version will consist of a loading picture, high score table, a better new front end presentation, intro sequence, outro sequence, a bonus stage and maybe more.

By the way: Protovision’s musical maestro Joachim Wijnhoven (Yogibear) composed the thumping soundtrack and Protovision’s pixel artist Johan Janssen (JSL) created a stylish logo and a wonderful picture for the enhanced version of Honey Bee.

Keep watching TND’s blog to find out what happens next. 🙂

honey bee

Scene news: new reading matter for dirty weather
Written by Poison

It’s still uncomfortable, windy and cold outside – the ideal wheather to take a short walk to a kiosk around the corner, get a hot coffee to go along with the current issue #33 of Retro magazine, and, back at home, sip the hot brew and enjoy a well-written review of Leisure Suit Leo 2.

retro magazin 33

When you’re done sipping and reading Retro magazine from front to back, it’s time to turn on your 64 and load Scene World #24. The current issue of the popular English disk magazine offers some comprehensive articles including an interview with none other than Volker Rust, who writes about his beginnings on the C64 and the upcoming blockbusters from Out of Order Softworks (spoilers ahead! 🙂 ).


For more reading matter, visit our press section.

Scene news: Karibik (C64 Music Remix by Eco)
Written by Poison

C64 Adventure Leisure Suit Leo

Eco (Raik Picheta) is one of the musicians for the game Leisure Suit Leo 2.
One of this tunes is called ‚Karibik‘ and he has released an remix of this tune in October 2014. Listen and rate it here:

Don’t forget to listen to the original either:


Scene news: Reset magazine issue #5 released
Written by Poison

resetIssue 5 of Reset Magazine features a review of Leisure Suit Leo 2 Deluxe Edition.

While the English version is technically the same as the original one from 1997, it comes with a manual in book form packed in a stylish box which makes it an ideal holiday gift for collectors of gaming treasures on the C64.

Buyers of the German version also get a remastered edition of the game, plus an extra disk with the rare first installment.



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