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New Social Media Master
Written by JTR

Since a few weeks we have a new member in our team.

Jörg Dröge, aka Nafcom, known for the great Diskmag on the Commodore C64 called „Scene World„, now provides Facebook and Twitter with all those Protovision related news.

Nafcom, we are very happy and proud to welcome you to the team!

NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: „20 Years of High Voltage SID Collection“ (HVSC) & OS X SIDPLAY Update
Written by JTR

The well-known collection of SIDs (Commodore 64 music) „HVSC“ is celebrating its 20 years anniversary this year with an anniversary release music disk. We congratulate them for 20 years of dedication and deep love for the famous Commodore 64 sound chip!


There is also good news for SID lovers owning a Mac!
SIDPLAY for Mac OS X is available with Retina Support and macOS Sierra support.


New Protovision Member
Written by JTR

The Protovision team has a new addition.
We are proud to welcome our new graphician Kwayne in our team.

Some of his art is visible on Deviantart.


IDE64 fixed version of music collection „Dimension“ by Proxima
Written by JTR

DJ Gruby/Protovision has released an IDE64 fixed version of the music collection „Dimension“ by Proxima.
it is also compatible with many other devices.


Protovision in search of a web developer
Written by JTR

intro3 We are searching for a reliable web developer (html, php, css), who would like to support us with designing our home page!

Become part of our honorary team of C64 enthusiasts and support our beloved computer ongside with us!

New professional boxes in the making
Written by JTR

Who hasn’t dreamed of this… a new C64 game in a robust, professionally printed cardboard box with inlays inside that hold disks and cartridges cosy and in place… that is the noble ambition of the new Protovision box! And: we’re relatively close! Currently we are still experimenting with different materials and printing methods to get the best results. But what we can already say is: the box is coming!

The creative guys at Knights of Bytes are currently hand-drawing the amazingly detailed cover art for the Sam’s Journey box.

The below picture has been taken live at their development lab.


New Protovision member: Majikeyric
Written by JTR

We are happy to welcome a new programmer into our team.

Majikeyric comes from France and has cooperated with us oftentimes before. Last time he did a coop with our musician Yogibear and a small little entry into the RGCD competition called Bug Hunt.


Written by JTR

intro3Some of you might have noticed: the shop was temporarily closed, because we have shifted the distribution to Jakob Voos and had to ship all our stock through Germany by post.

Now the shop is up and running again!

The original D42-Adventure System mug – now available!
Written by Volker Rust

IMG_1933 kalt

You’re still coming up with ideas for your first very own adventure, waiting for the adventurer’s muse to kiss you?

Tasse 2

Ta-dah, here you go, spicing and sweetening up your coffee!
Get your original retro D42-Adventure System mug – available now online at Protovision Shop in small amounts only.

New Protovision members
Written by JTR

We are proud to say that we are growing again in terms of members – our newest members are the professional Musician Jan Harries, who has composed Music for the C64 since the „golden ages“ of the 80s‘ and David Ludwig, who is a producer of retro focussed merchandise and print products.

In case you’d like to join in, don’t hesitate and contact us!

We’re a bunch of enthusiasts and everything we do is without pay and we we do it just because we love the Commodore 64 computer.

WHAT? We don’t earn money!? We must be totally crazy!
True, true… and we would be delighted if YOU would be just as crazy and join us!!

What do we need?

Social Media Master
A social media master carries the black belt for social media communication. Whenever there is something to say, he kicks the news out hard against all kinds of social platforms.

Your profile:

  • you like to post to facebook and twitter, and maybe more (depends on you)you like to communicate on the net

Your tasks:

  • We throw news at you and you publish them to at least FB, but in the best case also twitter or any blogs or forums you like. If we write the news in a lame way, you may polish them up, and you will compile the news until we have a big enough pile for a newsletter. You always know what will be in the next newsletter, because you own it.
    You hunt down other cool sites/users with a quest to LIKE them or to ask them to crosslink with us.
    In case we have smashing news, i.e. a new cool game is out, you contact review sites or mags and inform them about the game and its features.

A translator does, well, translate!

Your profile:

  • you are fluent in English and German
  • you keep your promises

Your tasks:

  • any kind of German-English or English-German translations. We have small tasks like translating emails or news, but we also have bigger tasks like translating an entire game or manual.

C64 Graphician
A C64 graphician is a pixel artist and loves to play around with bitmaps, chars and sprites.

Your profile:

  • You know what a pixel is and you are not afraid to use it

Your tasks:

  • you make our games looks wonderful: ingame graphics are usually in charset mode, title pictures usually multicolour bitmap, and we also neeeeeeed sprites.

C64 Coder
Our coders are all busy bees working on their own projects. However, we a) want more projects and b) we have some unfinished games from people who gave them to us in the hope we might finish them up one day, but nobody has has the time to care about these fine games. Apart from game projects, we sometimes also do demos or collections or so. All this needs to be coded. By C64 coders. In case you want to distribute your game via Protovision (and in case we want that, too), we will finance all production costs and you will earn money from every copy sold. You’ll receive whatever is left when we deduct taxes, PayPal fees, production costs and 3 Euros that we take for general other costs. It’s up to you if and how you will further distribute the money within your dev team.

Your profile:

  • You know what an opcode is any you are not afraid to use it in cycles.

Your tasks:

  • game coding
  • any kind of coding

A hunter hunts heads or tails. Heads: a hunter helps us to find people who could fulfill any of the above roles. Tails: We are of course always in search for cool new C64 soft- & hardware, so you may want to help us find new C64 products that would fit in with our online store. However, quality trumps quantity. We are not interested in SEUCKs or low quality games in general, we only want to offer what we think it worth the money.

Your profile:

  • you are a hunter

Your tasks:

  • you hunt

…as you can see, there are plenty of very different tasks that are impatiently waiting for you to fulfill them! So if you WANT to help us, you can. Yes you can.

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