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Protovision-News als RSS-Feed
Written by MacGyver

Von nun an sind unsere News auch als RSS-Feed auf unserer Newsseite erhältlich.

Protovision news as RSS Feed
Written by MacGyver

From now on, Protovision news are available as RSS feed at our news site.

Preisliste aktualisiert
Written by MacGyver

Außerdem ist eine neue Preisliste (09/10) erschienen. Diese findest du hier.

Pricelist updated
Written by MacGyver

There is also a new pricelist (09/10) available. You can find it here.

Homepage Update
Written by MacGyver

After the hardware section the time has come to relaunch the games section of our homepage as well. The links have experienced some small updates, too. Check it out:

Newsletter form working again
Written by MacGyver

The form on our website to subscribe/unsubscribe to our newsletter was broken, but is working properly again now.

Pricelist updated
Written by Poison

There is a new pricelist (03/10) available. You can find it here.

Homepage update
Written by MacGyver

The Protovision homepage experienced some updates. Find out what is new in these sections:

Pricelist updated
Written by MacGyver

There is a new pricelist (01/10) available. You can find it here.

Online Shop available again
Written by MacGyver

Our Online Shop is available again from now on.

The most important changes:

1. Distribution is now being done by our new member Stefan Schauf (Doc of Desire).
Hence our new postal address is:

Stefan Schauf
Schoetmarsche Str. 25
32791 Lage

Oliver Förster (Poison) who took care of Protovision’s distribution for over six years, stays member of Protovision and still takes care of organization as well as our website.

2. For orders under 20 Euros we have to charge a low order fee of 3 Euros. Within Europe, shipping is free for orders over 20 Euros. For orders outside of Europe, shipping costs will be charged according to the weight.

3. Because of tax changes, German VAT will be listed from now on. Customers from outside of the EU don’t have to pay VAT.

4. Not all items are available yet. These will follow step by step.

Problems within the order process are possible. Troubles while ordering? Questions? Please send us an email via our contact form or use

Happy shopping!

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