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Crowdfunding: Sam’s Journey in Spanish and Italian
Written by JTR

With Daniel Meléndez und Bieno Marti, Protovision now has an official representation in Spain.

sam-teaser-transparentDaniel launched a Protovision-approved crowd funding campaign for producing a Spanish and an Italian version of Sam’s Journey (with the box and manual all translated into Spanish/Italian) and Bieno will present Sam on RetroBarcelona, the biggest retro convention in Spain.

We are excited and curious to see how many backers will be brave enough to contribute!

Click here for the indiegogo crowd funding campaign.

Page of RetroBarcelona:




New C64 game: The Camp Caravan Edition
Written by JTR

A revised version of the adventure satire „The Camp“ is now for sale in a limited box edition in our webshop.

The Camp already put the Forum64 game compo 2015 into a campfire mood and is based on a real life camp site – so whoever gets stuck in the game should pay the camp site a visit to get some inspiration.

Next to enhanced graphics and some new areas to discover, the box features a small survival set, including a bear coaster which was especially made for this game.


Enhanced Newcomer available again
Written by JTR

The roleplaying adventure „Ultimate Newcomer“ is still in production.

We have a couple of copies of the older version „Enhanced Newcomer“ available in our webshop again for those who don’t want to wait.

Please note that Enhanced Newcomer has bugs, which may prevent you from finishing the game under certain circumstances. Of course these bugs will be fixed in the Ultimate version plus it will be compatible to NTSC and multiple devices.


Protovision C64 classics available again
Written by JTR

We had a stock-taking round and discovered remainders of games sold out since long.

These are individual items and some of them are incomplete, but all of them are right now available from our online shop in the new category „Games: Offers„!

Take this chance to get your own rare original of one of our first games.


Advanced Space Battle available again
Written by JTR

We have reprinted a small batch of our C64 space strategy game Advanced Space Battle (11 Pieces).

Every game comes with two additional stickers (the disk labels for 5.25″ and 3.5″ disks) as well as one out of three possible logo cards (a thin cardboard with an Advanced Space Battle logo on it).


Metal Dust available again
Written by JTR

Also our SuperCPU space shooter Metal Dust is once again available in a small batch (10 Pieces).

Every game comes with additional small goodies, for example the mysterious disk 5 label. There has never been a disk 5, actually, but we had mistakingly printed labels for it back then… 😉

Ohne Titel

Jim Slim & Tanks 3000 with new goodies
Written by JTR

Jim Slim and Tanks 3000 have received a small update.
Every game now comes with a couple of small printed cards with logos of the respective game or other motives related to the game. Tanks 3000 comes with two additional stickers (the 5.25″ and 3.5″ disk labels).


Protovision classics soon to be available again
Written by JTR

Metal Dust, Advanced Space Battle, Bomb Mania, It’s Magic 2, Team Patrol and other classic Protovision games are soon available again from the Protovision shop.

On July 1st the wait is over: the Protovision shop will be packed full of reprints and remainders.
For this purpose we will add a new category „Games: Offers“ to the shop.


THE new platformer is coming: Sam’s Journey
Written by JTR

Chester Kollschen and Stefan Gutsch (Bomb Mania, Metal Dust…) are back!

Together with Alexander Ney they are the Knights of Bytes and they are working on what is most probably the best scrolling platformer that has ever been made for the C64. We are proud and overly happy to announce that Sam’s Journey will be available through Protovision sometime later this year!

More details on Sam can be found on the Knights of Bytes homepage and also on the Protovision page, of course.

As one disk feels to tight for Sam already, we are planning to ship it out to you either on two disks or on cartridge.

*The Sisters are history*


Protovision goes Cartridge
Written by JTR

In cooperation with Knights of Bytes and individual Computers, Protovision is going new ways in terms of game cartridges. The project dates back to the times of Enforcer 2, which was supposed to become a cartridge game.

Enforcer 2 didn’t work out – but the cartridge („G-Mod“) is not forgotten!

Chester Kollschen (known for Bomb Mania, Ice Guys and Metal Dust) in close cooperation with Jens Schönfeld has developed the cartridge further so that it fits the needs of the upcoming hit game „Sam’s Journey„: the cartridge not only holds multiple disk sides full of data, it also allows to permanently save data on it and more.

Protovision plans to release both new games on this cartridge and also re-release older games on it.


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