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Sam’s Journey Produktion
Written by JTR

Wir sind völlig begeistert von der ersten Charge an Sam Boxen, die uns frisch aus dem
Werk erreicht haben!

Die Boxen sind noch besser geworden als wir ohnehin schon dachten. Die Oberfläche ist
relativ Wasserresistent und beständig. Die Boxen sind robust… und es sind ENDLICH
richtige Kartonboxen wie wir sie schon immer haben wollten! We in den 80ern, nur cooler!

Die Boxen (und viele andere Dinge der finalen Sam Distribution) sind Handarbeit.
Sie sind im jetzigen Zustand auch noch nicht fertig, denn wir wollen nicht, dass am
Ende Module oder Disketten in der Box herumfliegen. Deswegen kommen so genannte
„Inlays“ in die Boxen, die das Innenleben verankern. Das Design der Inlays ist
abgeschlossen (man muss dafür spezielle Werkzeuge fertigen lassen) und zusammen
mit den Boxen haben wir auch hiervon die erste Produktionscharge bekommen.

Und das bedeutet für uns, das nun der nächste Produktionsschritt beginnt:
wir müssen die Inlays nun in die Boxen einkleben! Dazu haben wir schon zahlreiche
Klebstoffe getestet, bevor wie einen passenden für Sam gefunden haben.
Wie dem auch sei, wir sind startklar für die nächste Runde!

Am Ende wird jedes einzelne Exemplar von Sam’s Journey ein mit Liebe und Handarbeit
erstelltes Unikat sein.

Sam’s Journey Production Update
Written by JTR

We are thrilled now that we have received the first load of Sam boxes fresh from the factory!

The boxes turned out even better than we hoped. The surface is quite durable
and relatively water resistent. The boxes are robust… and finally they are real
cardboard boxes like we always wanted them to be! Like in the 80s, only cooler!

The boxes (and a lot of other things in the final distribution of Sam) are hand made.
They are also not ready as such, because we don’t want any cartridges or disks to
fly around in the box. Therefore, we put so-called inlays into these boxes that hold
what’s inside. The design of the inlays (they need custom made implements to
make them fit) is ready and along with the boxes we have also received the
first couple of hundred inlays.

And that means the next step in the production is beginning for us now:
we have to glue the inlays into the boxes! We were testing out numerous
glues until we found one that suits Sam, however we are good to go now!

In the end, every piece of Sam’s Journey will be a unique labour of love.

New game in development: Wormhole
Written by JTR

Another game to be released soon by Protovision is Wormhole from TRS!

You’re an agent on a super secret, super dangerous and world-depending-on-it-important mission.

You have to shoot and run your way through the 3 game worlds and rescue the professor, the only person in the multiverse who can save the earth.

News around Sam
Written by JTR

As the release is slowly approaching, we are now accepting preregistrations for Sam’s Journey on our in development site!

Chester Kollschen, the coder of Sam’s Journey, was interviewed in February by Commodore Plus.

Sam is, by the way, still happily jumping, striking and throwing around items. We had issues with the first cardboard boxes printed (the printing house had zoomed our input files), but they are resolved now. We will soon disclose pictures of the box and some of the feelies.


8 Bit Civilizations in the press
Written by JTR

8 Bit Civilizations has raised a few eyebrows all around the world – even in mainstream media.

Here is a selection of news entries:

Fabian Hertel, the maker of 8-Bit Civilizations, was interviewed in the January issue of the Kilobyte Magazine.


Demoversion of 8 Bit Civilizations released
Written by JTR

Our newest Protovision member Fabian Hertel presents „8 Bit Civilizations„, a fan remake of Civilization 2 for the C64!

We have opened up an „In Devlopment“ site for this project where you can get a fully playable demo version of the game at no cost.

Leech it now and provide feedback.



Progress of Sam’s Journey
Written by JTR

Sam’s Journey has reached an important milestone: Knights of Bytes have created 60 level segments that will make up Sam’s world, and populated them all with enemies and items now. A total of 4332 (!) objects have been placed into the maps.

While the levels are now going to be reviewed by testers, Knights of Bytes are moving on to the next todo on the list: boss fights!

On the production front, the bonus items to be included into Sam boxes have been decided upon and custom box inlays are currently being designed to „host“ all items adequately.

Sneak Peak: Sam’s Editions
Written by JTR

Knights of Bytes and Protovision are happy to announce three editions of Sam’s Journey that will be available through the Protovision shop when the time has come:

– Boxed Disk Edition 45.00 Euros
– Boxed Cartridge Edition 55.00 Euros
– Download Edition 19.99 Euros

Sam’s Journey will be the first game to feature our new fully printed cardboard boxes. Within the box you’ll find a colored manual (almost the same size as the box), an equally sized world map and further goodies to be revealed later on. The only difference between the Disk and Cart versions will be that the cartridge version saves automatically while in the disk version saving is triggered through a menu.

A new version of the C64 emulator Vice is currently being worked on that will support GMod2 (That’s the cartridge Sam uses) so emulator users will be able to play the cartridge version.




Protovision auf der Gamescom
Written by JTR

Zusammen mit unseren Freunden bei Out of Order Softworks haben wir einen Messestand auf der Gamescom belegt – mit einem riesigen C64-Einschaltbildschirm (gedruckt – aber mit blinkendem Cursor!) und natürlich mit der Möglichkeit, das kommende Sam’s Journey zu spielen!

labyrinth2So eine Messe ist eine unbeschreibliche Erfahrung.
Magische Dinge passieren dort.

Zum Beispiel kam ein freundlicher Herr an unseren Stand, spielte ein paar unserer Spiele und packte dann eine eigene C64-Diskette aus mit der Bitte, einmal schauen zu dürfen, was darauf ist.

Wir haben ein komplettes von ihm selbst geschriebenes C64-Spiel darauf gefunden, dass er 1989 erstellt hatte!

Wir halten Euch auf dem Laufenden, wenn das Spiel herauskommt… es ist ein 2 Spieler Split-Screen Pac-Man-Spiel mit Level Editor.

Auf der Gamescom haben wir auch ein paar Produktupdates herausgebracht (mehr dazu unten).

Bilder von Protovision und Out Of Order Softworks auf der Gamescom auf unserer Facebook-Seite.

Protovision on Gamescom
Written by JTR

Together with our friends in Out of Order Softworks, we shared a booth at Gamescom – featuring a huge printed C64 screen with a blinking cursor and of course a possibility to play our games – including the upcoming Sam’s Journey!

Such a trade fair is an inexplicable experience. Magical things happen there.
For example, a guy came to our stand and played our games, then presented a C64 disk and said he wanted to have a look what’s on it.

labyrinth2We found a complete and unreleased C64 game on it that he wrote in 1989!

We will keep you informed about the release of this game… it’s a two player split screen Pac Man game with level editor.

We also pre-released a couple of fine product updates on Gamescom – more on that below.

Pictures of Protovision at Gamescom on our Facebook page.





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