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For the time being, the Protovision Online Shop will be closed
Written by JTR

When we were building up Protovision, none of us sensed how long this journey would take us. We were all young, mostly without a family and had, if at all, a reasonably stressful job in our „normal“ lives next to our hobby project Protovision. Who would have thought that we would still produce new developments for the C64 15 years later and that we would have a guest appearance at the Simpsons even?

However, all of this is far from being easy. If only we could focus on Protovision alone! But our „real“ lives currently bestow all kinds of hardship on us – some of our most important members have to worry about not losing their jobs and their financial basis. They are currently working tremendous overtime hours (also on weekends) so that there is simply much to few time left for sleep or Protovision.

We’d like to apologize for all who had to or are still waiting for their orders to be processed. We do our best to complete our tasks on them as soon as we can. But we are not content with the level of service we are currently able to provide. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to close down the shop for a while.

It is not the only reason, though, there are things to come!

You thought you’d get rid of us soon, did you? Far from it. We are working on a new concept for our shop and C64-Productions in general. There will be even more Infos and more flexible order options. More will be disclosed at a later stage. We’re all tensed and excited about the future. Of course we’ll let you know via our newsletter when we will open the doors again and what we’ll have in store for you.


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